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Beautiful Project management that you own.

Airpri 1.2 now available (Beta)
Create topic-based channels in the form of chat, documents, kanban views with AI layered on.
one-time payment
Self Host
or $99/M for AI
Airpri Cloud
Chat View with AI Agents
Evolves with use, memory and customization for any context.
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Document View
CMS with Webhooks for internal & global reach and engagement.
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Kanban View
Mimics different view styles to suit your teams' needs.
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Build AI agents that sit inside your chat and involved any big parts of your business.

If you’ve used Slack, Discord or Teams, you already know that today's intranet involves an underlaying chat infrastructure. The difference with Airpri, is that you can pay once. It’s yours, with AI layered on.

Adaptive learning
Evolves with use, offering increasingly relevant content.
Multilingual capabilities
Supports various languages for global reach and engagement.
Customizable styles
Mimics different writing styles to suit your needs.
Embed chats
Embed AI chats OR entire #channels into any other website (works with Webflow)
Airpri 1.2 now available (Beta)

Super simple group chat, without a subscription.

Tired of paying month after month forever just to chat with your team? Slash your costs, switch to Airpri, and make it your primary internal intranet.

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5120+ teams use Airpri today.
Replaces Notion, Discord, Slack and Trello or Botpress

System Specs & install help

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Yep! Airpri is just $199, one payment for each major version. No ongoing fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no per-user fees, no support contracts, nothing. You don’t rent Airpr like SaaS products — you buy it, it’s yours.

Our license is under GNU Apache 3.0 so that you can consider what customizations are acceptable. Each Airpri install price is based on a single license to install it on a single domain name. If you’d like to install it on multiple servers with different domain names, you’ll need to buy separate copies per domain.
So then, what is the $9/Month for Storage for?
Cloud Airpri is just a storage credit, like Docker, Godaddy hosting or even iCloud. If you want a faster way to stand up an instance you can!
How do you update Airpri?
Mobile versions for Airpri are coming. Today, version 1.2.0 is designed to work beautifully on the mobile web as a PWA (Progressive Web App) which you can launch right from your mobile device’s home screen like all your other apps. And like native apps, you’ll get badges on your icon and push notifications if you’d like.
How do you update Airpri?
Each Airpri installation pings our server once a day to see if there are any updates. If so, it’ll download and automatically install them. You can turn this off if you’d prefer to do it manually. As far as cost goes, if it’s on the same root version you have — like from 1.0 to 1.1 — the update will be free. Jumping version numbers (from 1.x to 2.x, for example), may cost extra. It’ll be up to you if you want to jump versions.
Do you offer customization or support?
Of course! And let us tailor Airpri to your enterprise needs. We’re happy to occasionally help with the basics and troubleshoot complex custom installations in addition we can price specifics to change the code for enterprise needs. Please send feature requests to

Stop paying ThousANDS OF DOLLARS for Chat

Empowering users a simple group chat, without a subscription, that you can layer on AI into. Get Team documents, kanban and chat views plus all of the code to customize.