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Modern intranet software that transforms the work experience

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Unify the employee experience under the most comprehensive intranet platform
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Trusted by more than 2000 businesses all around the world. Rantir-based products service big and small.
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Rated AI solution across the globe, with the ability to set agents and chat-based intelligence based on your #channels
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Our pricing is a one-time fee, so that your chat performance and internal communication doesn't use your other resources.

Modern teams with a modern chat solution

Everything you need for a seamless employee experience — Wherever and however your employees work

Customizable. Enterprise ready.
Give employees easy access to information, tools and people to find the right answers. Create a seamless digital experience that removes friction and puts everything at their fingertips, all in one place.
Empower productivity
from anywhere
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We think you should own your software.

Equip leaders with real-time insights on employee sentiment, recognition and engagement through custom conversational experiences, Airpri actively and passively analyzes data to prescribe actions that prioritize foresight over hindsight and is built for AI, with a business model built for you.

A New Economic Paradigm in Software Acquisition: Introducing SaiS business models for technology agencies and software. Breaking away from traditional models, Rantir introduces an innovative economic framework for software procurement and consulting. With Airpri or any of Rantir's software lines, customers enjoy the unique advantage of paying only for installation versions, embodying a sense of true ownership rarely experienced in the software industry. This approach harkens back to a time when ownership and control over one's software were paramount, providing users with a sense of security and autonomy.

Support employees through every step, from onboarding to daily tasks, with an AI Virtual Assistant. Build workflows that turn business processes into conversations, delivering impact across all employee touchpoint.
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Stop paying ThousANDS OF DOLLARS for Chat

Empowering users a simple group chat, without a subscription, that you can layer on AI into. Get Team documents, kanban and chat views plus all of the code to customize.